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Dr. Richard J. Burkett

Professional Bio

Richard Burkett,M.D. , is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with a private practice office located in Mansfield, Texas. Dr. Burkett has built his practice around a philosophy of very personal,responsive and individual care for each patient in his practice.

“I feel a good Plastic Surgeon needs to be a very compassionate caring individual who honestly wants to spend adequate time with each patient to explore, understand and help each patient achieve their personal surgical goals. I am deeply honored and humbled when a patient chooses to allow me to participate in their care. After twenty-eight years in practice I still never take lightly my responsibility to not only guide my patients through a successful surgical experience but also to follow each patient for an extended period of time to assure their long term happiness with their surgical result”.

Dr. Burkett was born in southern Mississippi to very hard working parents. “I worked every Saturday and each summer in my dad’s car radiator repair shop from the time I was twelve years old through my early college years. My father had a personal philosophy that the ability to put in a hard day’s work was an acquired skill and not a naturally bestowed gift. Those early years, toiling away in my father’s auto shop proved to be invaluable preparation for the later demands of my surgical career and life in general. Thank you dad!”

After graduating from high school in Petal. Miss. as president of the the academic honor society, Dr. Burkett attended Mississippi State University, completing a Bachelor of Science degree with special distinction and emphasis in biochemistry in 1977. While at Mississippi State, Dr. Burkett met and married his wife now of forty-one years Elizabeth (Libby) George, an education major. Libby completed her masters and specialist degrees in education at Mississippi State during the time Dr. Burkett was gaining expectance at the University of Mississippi to begin his medical education.

At Ole Miss Medical School in Jackson, Miss. Dr. Burkett gravitated toward a future in surgery. “I feel all of those early years in my youth working with my hands helped develop my fine motor skills to a high degree and let me discover how much personal satisfaction I drew from creative manual pursuits. Knowing early on I wanted to pursue surgery, I discovered what surgical subspecialty best fit my interests and aptitude when I worked on weekends during medical school in local emergency rooms to help make financial ends meet. I would see talented Plastic Surgeons come out to the ER and reconstruct patients injured in automobile accidents and endless other circumstances and I was instantly hooked. Plastic Surgery not only best matched my skill set it also fulfilled an artistic side of my personality that I had only previously satisfied through a life long love of photography”.

Dr. Burkett began his surgical training with an internship and year of residency in general surgery at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Tx. His general surgery residency training was completed at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan. Dr. Burkett then completed his fellowship training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond ,Virginia. In 1988, Dr. Burkett returned to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to open his private practice.

Personal History

Dr. Burkett enjoys working out and weightlifting at his local gym several times a week. “ Plastic Surgery can be a very physically demanding profession. Many of the surgical cases last five or six hours or more and require substantial body strength and stamina. I like to concentrate on core strengthening exercises and cardio conditioning exercises to help keep me on top of my game.” Dr. Burkett’s other main personal interest and lifelong love has been photography. “When I was eight years old I told my parents I wanted to be a photographer. Being well meaning parents from rural southern Mississippi they quickly let me know they did not consider photography a ‘real job’ and they lovingly tried to redirect my career ambitions. Despite it being snuffed out as my daily occupation, photography still remains my passion and favorite pastime. My current office in Mansfield displays some of my photographic work over the years.”

Libby and Dr. Burkett are avid long term Dallas Cowboy fans and now take unbelievable pride in the fact the new Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott is from their alma mater Mississippi State University. “Go Cowboys”!

Dr. Burkett and Libby have two sons, Guy and Nick. Guy, a gifted life long athlete was a youth national martial arts champion and national cheerleader individual competition champion. Graduating from North Texas University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Guy has succeeded in combining both of his passions by becoming a personal trainer and fitness instructor for local police forces in the area.

Nick, a most creative young man, graduated from TCU with a degree in Entrepreneurial Business. Following graduation Nick worked for a local Lexus dealership and received a national award and recognition for his creative innovations. Nick recently returned to TCU and completed his Masters in Business Administration. He now works with a local finance firm in Southlake, Tx. In June of 2016 Nick married Miss Kristin Cowley a nursing graduate of TCU correctly working at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. The couple now reside in the White Rock Lake are in Dallas, Texas.

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