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Choosing Your Surgeon

For women thinking about a Mommy Makeover or any other type of plastic surgical procedure, choosing the right surgeon can often be the most challenging task. What is the best way to make this decision?

Some patients ask for recommendations from their friends, some read online reviews and some patients personally see a large number of prospective plastic surgeons in consultation before they make their choice. The following is my personal recommendation as to how women may want to go about choosing their surgeon for their Mommy Makeover.

Besides obviously looking for a plastic surgeon with the proper qualifications and professional training, there are a number of things a woman may want to look for in searching for the right plastic surgeon. One of the most important things is do you personally like the plastic surgeon you are considering? When a surgeon and a patient plan a surgical procedure they are about to go on a journey together. Just like you would never plan to go on a trip with someone you did not like, you would probably be ill advised to undergo a surgical journey with a surgeon with whom you did not have a good rapport. You need to feel that you have a good relationship with your plastic surgeon and the two of you are on the same page as relates to your surgical plans.

Ask to see examples of your surgeon’s work. He should be eager to show you numerous before and after photographs of cases he has performed of any type of procedure you are considering. Patients should not be afraid to ask a surgeon about the his experience and if the procedure you are considering is one he performs frequently in his practice. If you are considering a Mommy Makeover you should be looking for a plastic surgeon who has made this procedure one of the primary pillars of his practice.

When you go for a consultation with the plastic surgeon you are considering take note of the amount of time he personally spends with you during your initial consultation. Does he rush you or is he willing to sit and answer all of your questions and listen to all of your concerns. If the plastic surgeon you are considering is patient and generous with his time with you pre-op it is a good indication of how attentive he will be to any questions or concerns you may have post-op. As a patient, you never want to feel like a number. If you feel like you need to discuss a concern with your plastic surgeon in the middle of the night you need to not feel hesitant to make the call.

Your plastic surgeon should have a passion for what he does. He should be excited about the procedures he has to offer you and that excitement should be contagious. When you leave your surgeon’s office after your consultation you should feel you have found someone who is driven to do what he does for a living.

Surgery is both an art and a science. Body contouring surgery is very much an artistic pursuit in my opinion. Patients need to look for a surgeon who seems to appreciate aesthetic body lines and operates with an artistic eye. Look for true beauty in your surgeon’s work. You want make an artistic plastic surgeon to your professional choice.

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