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Top 10 Tips for Mommies

Getting started with your Mommy Makeover in Mansfield, TX can seem overwhelming. We’ve compiled this helpful list of tips to get you on the right track.

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Mom’s To-Do List

  1. Discuss your concerns and priorities openly with your surgeon. He needs to clearly understand what bothers you the most and why. You need to feel confident that you both are on the same page.
  2. Make sure you ask your surgeon any and all questions related to the proposed procedures that come to you mind. It is his job to make you an informed consumer. There is no question that is too small or too silly.
  3. If you and your surgeon discuss a number of different possible surgical procedures for correction of your postpartum body changes, don’t be afraid to break the procedures up into single or small combinations of surgical procedures to accomplish your goals. Many procedures can be safely combined but listen to your surgeon’s advise. Patient safety needs be the first priority.
  4. If at all possible make sure everyone at home is totally on board with your surgical plans. If they are in any way uneasy with your planned surgery take the concerned husband or family member to meet your plastic surgeon and let your surgeon answer any questions or concerns they may have. It’s so much better to have a confident family team behind you at home after your surgery.
  5. Don’t be afraid to train a little bit for your surgery. Surgery is stressful to your body. Better conditioned patients have easier post-operative courses and recover more rapidly. Patients are encouraged to optimize their aerobic physical conditioning pre-op. Walking, running, rest and good diets before surgery will pay big dividends.
  6. Try to make sure you find a way to set aside enough time in your family and work schedules to be able to adequately recover from your surgical procedures before you have to get back to the daily grind. Trying to fit your surgery and recovery into too small a time window can just add extra stress.
  7. Make sure you have secured adequate assistance at home for your first few days post-op. This can be family or friends. They just need to be comfortable being able to assist your with your post-operative needs.We encourage all post-operative care givers to accompany you to your pre-operative visit if possible so we may be able to review all post-operative instructions with them personally.
  8. Be patient postoperatively. You will probably look like you just had an operation at first. Often times it takes several weeks for the typical post-op bruising and swelling to completely resolve to let you fully appreciate your final result. Although you may love the beautiful improvements in your figure right away, it typically takes about twelve weeks for the final results from liposuction to be realized.
  9. After your surgery take your hard won results and make the most of them. Don’t lay back! Don’t relax! Follow a good diet and exercise like you have never done before and your efforts will be greatly rewarded. Your surgeon has helped remove the obstacles that stood in your way of having the body you wanted now it is up to you to finish the race.
  10. Even with the greatest surgical results, no one can stop the hands of time. Develop a long good long term relationship with your plastic surgeon. You will probably really enjoy your new look and want to take care of little maintenance issues if they arise as the years go by. Keep this man on speed dial!
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