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Breast Augmentation

The largest patient group presenting to my office for breast augmentation are women in their early 30’s who have had one or two children. They usually tell me they have thought about having a breast augmentation for many years but the changes brought on from pregnancy finally drove then to follow through with booking a consultation.

During pregnancy most women experience significant increase in their breast size from hormonal stimulation whether they choose to breast feed or not. This sometimes drastic increase in breast size creates a marked stretch of the overlying skin envelope of the breast. After childbirth the breast decreases to its prepregnancy size but often visually has a smaller or deflated appearance due to the over stretched skin envelope. Classically women complain of loss of fullness in the upper poles of their breast after pregnancy and various degrees of “droop” or ptosis.

In a large number of women with post pregnancy changes to their breast the problems of loss of fullness and droop can be solved with simple volume replacement with a breast implant. In other patients with more severe forms of ptosis a combination procedure to both augment and lift the breast would offer the best result. The decision to simply augment the breast or perform a combination breast lift and augmentation is usually based on certain exam measurements and of course the patient’s goals for her breast surgery result.


Patients often ask if their breast augment result will change if they become pregnant again. The best answer patients should expect some limited further relaxation of their breast skin but in most cases the overall appearance of the breast is usually quiet well preserved. The breast should also be expected to perform normally with future pregnancies, giving the patient the option to breast feed if she so desires.

Patients presenting to my office to consider breast augmentation are taken through a detailed consultation covering all aspects of breast augmentation surgery including breast implant choices, surgical approaches and techniques and followup post surgical schedules. I feel it is my duty to make all of my breast augmentation patients very well informed consumers as they make these important decisions.

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