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Breast Lift

One of the most common postpartum changes that can occur to a woman’s body is loss of breast fullness and descent of the breast tissue. This is medically referred to as breast ptosis. Most women find a “droopy” breast aesthetically unpleasing and problematic with many wardrobe choices. The procedure to correct postpartum ptosis or droop is called mastopexy. Mastopexies can be performed with or without the use of breast implants depending on the patient’s needs and desires.

Most women experience some degree of change to their breast from pregnancy. With expansion of the breast and stretch of the outer skin envelope from the hormonal stimulation during pregnancy, and the loss of volume in the breast when this hormonal stimulation is withdrawn, many women are left with a breast with less projection and some degree of droop or ptosis. Correction of the postpartum changes to the breast can often simply require volume replacement by a breast augmentation procedure if the droop is not severe. In women with more profound droop issues a formal mastopexy procedure to both tighten the skin envelope and lift the nipple-areolar complex to the correct level will give a much more pleasing result. Augmentation mastopexy is the marriage of these two procedures and recommended when both volume replacement and tightening of the breast skin envelope are required.


Mastopexies, with or without the placement of breast implants are more intricate surgical procedures than simple breast augmentation. These procedures, although they do require a few additional scars to the surface of the breast and a little additional recovery time for the patient, can yield spectacular results that are well worth this small sacrifice.

Your Implant Options


Your Implant Options

Filled with a harmless saltwater solution; offers small incisions but prone to rippling and other aesthetic issues

Cohesive Silicone Gel

Creates a more natural look and feel and can be placed through several inconspicuous incisions

Form Stable “Gummy Bears”

Offers the advantages of other silicone implants in a high-strength gel with remarkable shape retention qualities

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