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Breast Reduction

Many women I see in consultation can date when their breast made the transition from large to really large and uncomfortable to their pregnancy and post pregnancy years. The hormonal stimulation of pregnancy and the weight gain during this time often can lead to an increase in women’s breast size that can linger long after the child bearing years.

Significant or excessive increase in breast size can bring with it a long list of problems. Women with breast hypertrophy frequently complain of neck pain, bra strap pain, headaches, decreased exercise tolerance and great difficulties finding properly fitting clothing. Fortunately, the operative procedure to correct breast hypertrophy is a very predictable, well tolerated out patient procedure. Breast reduction patients have traditionally been one of my happiest groups of surgical patients. Their discomfort and inconvenience associated with breast hypertrophy has often been long standing and their sudden dramatic relief after the surgery is overwhelming.

Patients considering breast reduction are taken through a consultation in which the procedure is explained in detail and photos of typical pre and post-operative shown. Most patients have similar concerns and questions about breast reduction surgery. Some of the most common questions and answers are listed below.

  • Will I loose any sensation in my breast after the surgery?

    The breast reduction procedure design I use has an excellent record of preserving sensation to the breast and nipple areolar complex.

  • How significant are the scars associate with breast reduction?
    Breast reduction procedures usually involve reduction of the breast gland volume and retailoring of the overlying skin. Some scars are thus unavoidable. Fortunately the breast skin usually heals beautifully and the scars are very acceptable with time.
  • How long do I need to be off from work to recover from breast reduction surgery?
    Patients who work in an office setting can often comfortably return to work in approximately two weeks. Women in more physical occupations may require up to four weeks of recovery time in order to return to full work duties.
  • Will my breast be expected to ever grow large again?
    It is very unlikely that a breast reduction patient will have any significant recurrence of her hypertrophy if her overall body weight does not fluctuate significantly. Breast volume is partially made up of fat. The most common reason for recurrent breast enlargement in previous breast reduction patients is substantial post-operative weight gain.
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