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Breast Revision

Revision surgery for a previously operated breast is one of the most commonly performed procedures by plastic surgeons. Whether it was a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift procedure, any previous breast surgery may eventually require revision. Having to return to surgery for a revision procedure does not always mean the first breast procedure was not performed correctly or that the first surgeon did not do a good job. A woman’s breast is a very mobile ever changing object to operate on. Even the best planned and performed initial breast surgery procedure can eventually be in need of a touch-up.

There are numerous reasons a woman may eventually desire to return to surgery for a revision of her previous breast procedure. If a women is not happy with the current look and feel of her breast after any breast procedure she should not feel reluctant to sit down and discuss her concerns with her plastic surgeon and look at the options available to her to correct the problem. Often the proposed revision procedures are much less extensive than the initial breast surgical procedure and well worth the patient’s time and effort.

Below is a list of some of the most common post-operative breast surgery problems a patient may develop that might warrant consideration of revision breast surgery.

Post-operative Breast Asymmetry Most women do not have perfectly symmetrical breast even before their first surgery. When patients are evaluated in my office before their initial breast surgery many measurements and photographs are made of the patient’s breast to identify every possible pre-operative breast asymmetry. Often the patient has not appreciated many of these asymmetries. The best way to treat post-operative asymmetries is to avoid them in the first place with a meticulously planned initial breast surgery.

If despite of the surgeon’s best initial efforts a patient does develop a significant post-operative breast asymmetry she should sit down with her surgeon and develop a plan for its correction. Asymmetry correction may require readjustment or retightening of the breast skin envelop, resection of additional breast tissue, or replacement or exchange of previously placed breast implants. The point being, almost all post-operative breast asymmetry problems can be either solved or certainly dramatically improved.

Breast Implant Capsule Issues
Hard Breast Implants

When breast augmentation implants are surgically placed, the body naturally encases the implant in a capsule of scar tissue. Usually this layer of scar tissue remains very thin and does not effect or deform the shape of the implant. Occasionally, for various reasons, the layer of natural scar tissue around the implant will thicken and begin to compress the implant. This can cause the implant to assume a hard, uncomfortable, baseball shaped appearance. Treatment of this problem often involves a return to surgery to remove the old breast implant and the thickened capsule, place a new breast implant in a different pocket position and possibly consider covering the new breast implant with ADM (acellular dermal matrix), a material that has been seen to fight the development of problematic breast implant capsules.
Recurrent Breast Ptosis (droop) Patients who previously have undergone breast lift or breast reduction procedures all usually had some element of ptosis or droop of the breast that was initially well corrected by the primary surgery. Unfortunately droop or ptosis can and usually does reoccur to some degree with the passage of time. This can happen because anything that can cause the skin to tighten whether it be weight gain, pregnancy, or your plastic surgeon lifting your breast will stimulate the skin to stretch or grow more skin to reduce this newly imposed tension. Having to return to surgery a few years later to undergo a little nip and tuck to help revitalize a previously performed breast lift or reduction procedure can usually amount to no more than a little surgical pit-stop to restore that earlier great result.
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