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Do’s & Don’ts

You can ensure that your Mommy Makeover procedure in Mansfield, TX runs smoothly by following some of our helpful tips below. Remember these are just a few examples of what you should do and not do before and after your surgery. Dr. Burkett will be able to provide you with more detailed instructions during your appointments.

There are probably certain do’s and don’ts that women considering a Mommy Makeover should consider in the course of planning for their upcoming surgery. Although each surgeon has his own set or pre and postoperative instructions for his patients, the following are a number of points I commonly stress for my Mommy Makeover patients.

  1. In planning for your surgery, make sure you are confident that you and your surgeon have discussed all of the details related to your upcoming procedure. You need to feel very confident that you are both on the same page concerning such things as changes in your breast size and shape and the goals you hope to achieve for your new body contour. Be very interactive with your surgeon before your procedure.
  2. Do your own research on your planned procedures by reviewing material available on the internet, reference material and talking with friends who have had similar procedures but don’t overdo it! Don’t get your self into information overload. Preoperative patients can work themselves into a frenzy before their surgery by reading excessive amounts of internet material or watching graphic videos of their planned procedures. Try to digest enough material to stimulate your conversations with your surgeon but do not make yourself a nervous wreck.
  3. Do try to plan to have adequate time to recover from your surgery. We all have busy lives with work and family. Often one of the biggest obstacles facing women considering a Mommy Makeover is trying to take time out of their hectic schedules to have and to recover from the desired surgery. Do find the time! You are worth it and you have earned it. The world will still be there when you get back.
  4. Don’t plan your procedures too close to a big upcoming event such as a vacation or wedding. Murphy’s Law could reach out and ruin your special day. Occasionally patients do have little postoperative issues that can take some extra recovery time. Don’t tempt fate and have inadequate postoperative recovery time to account for a few unplanned post op problems such as bruising or prolonged post surgical swelling.
  5. Do make sure you are confident you have sound commitments from your postoperative care and support team. You will need transportation to and from the surgery center and a reasonable amount of home supportive care for the first three to five days after most Mommy Makeover procedures. It also helps if your support term is very comfortable with there potential roles. Some best friends are better nurses than others.
  6. Do get everything you can think of taken care of before your surgery. Fill all of the prescriptions you will need after surgery ahead of time. Stock the frig, do the laundry, and take care of all of your business affairs ahead of your surgery date. You will want to focus fully on your recovery and you don’t want to have any additional sources of stress or distraction that could have been avoided by a little additional planning.
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